Thursday, September 6, 2012

Products and an Update

Well, Ben and I are all settled into our new apartment and so far, so good. It's small but cozy. I've decorated a lot with my art and stuff so it feels like home. Things have been going well so far too. Ben started school Tuesday and seems to like it. I have a couple assignments left and then I have a week off until my next round of classes start so that's exciting. I'm getting so close to having my accociates already!

Food has been going well. I am working with Tara over at Sweat Like a Pig. She has been helping me with both nutrition and fitness and so far I really like everything she's written out! I'll keep you updated. 

One thing that I really hoped to do when we moved here was cook more and I think I've lived up to that, but not really in the way I wanted. See, I wanted to cook for Ben and me, not just me. I have made eggs every morning and oats, coconut milk and baked acorn squash yesterday, and today I made salmon cakes, pumpkin protein bars, and brown rice, but I haven't really made any "real" meals that both me and Ben can eat. I wanna cook dinners and such, but maybe I have my hopes too high sometimes. Ben doesn't seem too interested in doing that sort of thing. He likes to just eat mac n' cheese and whatever, so yeah. 

Anyhoo, enough about me and on to the foods I've been loving lately. 

I could seriously eat this stuff all day long, every single day for the rest of my life. It's so good. And it's crunchy which I love. I have been adding it to my yogurt and to my protein snack at night and it's just the bomb! Love it. 

These are awesome, especially the grape one. I have been drinking one during my workouts and it's done a great job at hydrating me. They're more like juice than water but oh so yummy!

I love these to death. The fish oil, omega 3-6-9, and the flax oil is what I have and they are all to die for. I've been using them for just about anything, on my squash, in my yogurt, on my oats, bread, you name it. Mmmm good. 

After I finally opened this huge bag of coconut flour I just couldn't stop using it. It's got such a strange, yet addicting flavor that you'll end up craving it. I have been making protein goops with it and I just used it for those salmon cakes and pumpkin bars I mentioned above! I can't wait to test it out in some cupcakes soon!

These bars are no joke. One, they're huge and two, they're super delicious. They are very calorie-dense (288) but if you're like me and need quick ways to add in more throughout the day, then these bars are perfect!

Have an awesome rest of your day loves!

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  1. I love coconut flour too! I love using it in brownies, waffles, and cookies! IT just tastes SO good! :D