Friday, January 27, 2012

last night i was so tempted to count my daily calories but i stopped myself from giving in. i can't. it would ruin my plan and progress. i have been doing good not counting for the last four days. i can't say it feels great but it feels freeing in some ways. i mean, it's hard to fight ed but i know i'm doing the right thing. i know that if i start counting (even for one day) i'll lose everything and won't move on. it's been especially difficult today because it has been pouring all day which means i haven't been outside for my daily walks. i'm going nuts but i can hear the faint voice of my heart saying that it's okay and that today is just a good day to stay inside and relax...i will try to listen to that voice over eds even though his is so much louder. i can do this. 

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