Monday, January 2, 2012

i'm in capable of making a new year's resolution for the simple fact that i have too many and they're all too big and broad:

  1. be more patient with myself and others.
  2. love myself more.
  3. stop being so jealous of others. 
  4. stop comparing myself to others. 
  5. be more nice. 
i mean these actually can't really count for resolutions because it's basically just a list of things i wish i could do, not really goals...well, i guess they're like lifetime goals haha. i think it's kinda weird too though that every one makes such a big deal about new year resolutions anyhow because in reality, you don't need a new year to be able to make have every second of every day to start again and make resolutions and goals. 
any who, i do have one, okay maybe two things i could work on that aren't so difficult:

  1. make a list of positive things, or things that made me smile at the end of every day.
  2. take time to do The Work of Byron Katie every day, at least one belief or issue.  
alright so let's get to it!

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