Thursday, August 9, 2012

not another survey...

So I found this survey on someone's blog (can't remember who) and thought it'd be cool to do it. I like survey's cause they're an easy post so I don't have to think much! 


1. What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to move to Africa and be an aid worker there. Not sure why but there was something about the children's faces that drew me in and made me smile. I still want to do something like this now so if the money and opportunity comes along I'm in!

2. Do you enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner more?

Breakfast for sure. I always wake up looking forward to my yogurt and fruit!

3. Are you a clean freak or constantly putting it off?

Both. I constantly put things off until I can't stand how dirty things are and then I go on a cleaning rampage and organize everything. 

4. Have you ever had any serious injuries?

I broke my pelvis when I was ten. It's a long story but part of a piano fell on me. I'm still convinced though, that my brother pushed it on top of me ;) 

5. Do you prefer the summer or winter?

Spring and Fall. I hate the freezing cold and I hate the humidity. I'll take a nice Spring or Fall day, seventy degrees with a slight breeze. Mmm yes. 

6. If you could meet any celebrity or someone from the past, who would it be?

Keith Urban or Jake Owen or Ryan Gosling. Mmmm yums. 

7. Are you a sports fan?  If so, who’s your favorite team?

Boston Bruins baby. It's the only thing I'll watch. 

8. Have you ever visited any places outside of the United States?

Does Canada count? I will be going to Spain next summer though with my mom to go hiking so that will be my first time! Can't wait. 

9. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Married with maybe a little girl or boy and working on opening my cupcake shop. 

10. Which do you like more: running or strength training?

Strength training for sure. I only run when I have to haha. 

11.What’s your favorite movie?

There's too many to name, I like so many different ones!


  1. Hey Tayla! :) I am so with you on preferring spring and fall over summer and winter -- it always has the perfect temperature, unlike the extreme hot and extreme cold that can occur in winter and spring.

  2. Ouch,breaking your pelvis must've been painful! :( So sorry you had to go through this,girl...
    It's so cute though that you want to open a cupcake shop! I want to join in and be your assistant,pretty please! ;)