Friday, October 28, 2011

things that made me happy yesterday:

  1. i actually studied for my math test so i felt good about that.
  2. i listened to some louise hay which helped me.
  3. i laid down for once and relaxed which felt good. 
  4. i felt more comfortable with ben's friends.
  5. brandon, karl, and james all asked me if i wanted anything at the dining hall. thought it was nice.
  6. watched brokeback mountain. 
  7. got made fun of for watching brokeback mountain but it was funny. 
  8. laughed with brandon, karl, rose, and james. 
  9. i laughed until my stomach hurt and i was crying over stupid stuff on the internet with ben. 
  10. i was able to stay up later than ben!
  11. watching the office with karl and ben. 
  12. folding ben's clothes at 1 o'clock in the morning.
  13. taking a shower and liking my hair for once. 
  14. feeling free. 

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