Thursday, October 20, 2011

reasons to recover: from and some of my own too!

1) so that you can believe them when they say "i love you"
2) because guilt will kill you
3) to experience real laughter
4) because there is more to life than how much you weigh
5) so you can have beautiful children and a family
6) so you can stop blaming and lying
7) so you can stop the competition
8) to realize how beautiful you are when you stop trying to be perfect
9) so you can see how wonderful life can be
10) because you owe it to yourself
11) to realize that being happy doesn't have anything to do with your body size
12) so you can do the things you said you would always do
13) so you can finally believe in yourself
14) because people who love you want to see you happy and confident
15) so that people will trust you again
16) because negative attention sucks
17) because being sad sucks
18) so you can have energy again
19) to be proud of yourself
20) to not feel like you are always in a fog
21) so you can focus again
22) because you deserve it
23) to do the things you once could
24) to stop hurting the ones who love you by hurting yourself
25) so you can look forward to another day instead of dreading it
26) to know that there is more to life than wanting to sleep
27) to free yourself
28) to believe him when he calls you beautiful
29) to finally realize that people will love you for you are are, regardless of your weight
30) because your scars shouldn't define your future
31) so that family gatherings are not painful
32) so that holidays can be joyful
33) to be able to have fun again
34) to stop pushing people away
35) to finally feel like you should live as opposed to thinking you shouldn't
36) to realize the world is not going to end if something doesn't go the way you planned
37) to have control over ed and not the other way around
38) so you don't have to lie awake wondering if you will wake up in the morning
39) because you deserve to nourish yourself without feeling guilty or bad for doing so
40) for the people who said they'd never give up on you
41.) so you don't have fake being happy
42) because you are worth it
43) so that counting calories is not the only thing that runs through your head
44) so you can wear short sleeves in the summer
45) so you can be proud of your body
46) so you can accept compliments
47) because hating yourself is a waste of time
48) because going to the beach is supposed to be fun
49) to break free from the scale
50) because anxiety over what you ate is pointless
51) to be able to go to the grocery store and not worry about if people are judging you by what's in your cart
52) because hurting yourself and starving yourself will not suddenly make you a better person
53) so you can let go of needing to be better than others
54) because reaching perfection is impossible
55) so you never have to watch your lover cry because they think you are going to die
56) because you are beautiful 
57) so you can look in the mirror without picking every single inch of your appearance
58) so you can trust yourself and your body
59) so you can have control over your thoughts
60) to be able to see the positives instead of the negatives
61) so you can be yourself
62) so that you can enjoy your birthday for once
63) because food is meant to be enjoyed
64) so you don't have to lie to yourself anymore
65) being able to realize how much people actually care about you
66) so you can feel like life is worth living
67) because hospital visits suck
68) to feel happy in your own body
69) so you don't have to rely on others for your happiness
70) so you can finally live

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