Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Body Promise

Dear Body, 

It's been a long time since we were good friends. I can't really remember the last time I was nice to you. I wish I could say I'm getting better with this and treating you with care, but I wold be lying, I am doing poorly. But I am learning...slowly. 

Me hiking up to Mt. Madison (NH)

I am learning to listen to your needs more than just what Ed wants. 

I am learning to nourish you with the right amount of nutrients, instead of depleting everything you have. 

I am learning to let you rest even when Ed demands me to make you move non-stop. 

I know it hasn't been easy these past eight years, not knowing if I was going to feed you enough and then having to be pushed so hard every. single. day. 

Me on top of Mt. Adams (White Mountains)

I have put you through a lot and you have held up so far, but I don't know how much longer you will, so I am determined more than ever to give you everything you need. 

You deserve my loving care and that is what I intend to bring to you. 

I want to thank you for putting up with my crap and everything Ed forced me to do to you. 
I hope one day, we can be good friends again, just like the old days, but until then, I will make this promise to you: "I will treat you the best I know how with what knowledge I have at the moment. I will give you both physical nourishment and also mental nourishment, and I will push you hard, but let you rest as long as you need. I promise to treat you in the same way I would treat my very best friend."

With love, 



  1. This is so beautiful,Tayla. Please re-read this every time you're about to give up,because it's true and so,so important.

  2. absolutely love this beautiful its so so true! Well done girlie! so proud of you! Ox

  3. What a beautiful promise, Tayla. :) Keep up the amazing work, girl! <3

  4. I love this post <3 Absolutely beautiful!