Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Food and Workouts

Wednesday is my favorite day mainly because I have the day off, but today I am helping my mom move again. I feel like we are always moving somewhere. 

She's moving back to NH and then Ben and I are moving to the new apartment in ME at the end of August. As much of a pain it is to pack everything and then unpack it, I love to do it. Yeah, I'm weird. 

Anyhoo, Wednesday also means sharing my eats throughout the week and this month sharing my workouts too so here it is:

Thanks to Jenn as always!

Ben and I have made it a ritual to go hiking every Saturday, we hiked Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams this past  weekend.

Recent Snack: Oskri Coconut Cherry Bar...these are my new favorite snacks! It's basically pure coconut which is amazing. 

Grapes are my favorite fruit...I eat them everyday!

Recent Snack: Lemon Almonds! So good :)

Recent lunch: Tuna mixed with tabbouleh and beans from the Better Bean Co. They recently sent me a sample of their new product and I love them. The ones in this lunch are the re-fried black beans...I put them on everything, even my squash for dinner. Check them out!

Recent breakfast: Perfect Fit protein sent me some brown rice protein packets to try and I have to say, this kind of protein is my favorite. I mix it into my yogurt in the morning and it's so wonderful! I love the taste.

Recent Snack: Raw Chocolate Cashew Bar. Pretty self explanatory. Amazing.

Recent Dinner: Squash with roast beef slices and ketchup...I was out of sausage but the beef was still good. 

FRS was giving away free samples of their products online so I jumped on the offer and received this package in the mail. I'm not sure I really liked the energy chews...they were kind of chalky but the energy powder is pretty good. 

Last week Ben and I did a lot of work in his Dad's garden while he was job? Picking the peas and shucking them. Took me forever!

Snack: Two Mom's in the Raw bar...really good! Try one now.

Night snack: Protein slop. Strawberry Gotein powder mixed with water and some stevia. 

Ben and I usually go to the gym together every day after we are :)

So there you have eats and workouts!

Have a super fantastic rest of the day/week!!!


  1. Ahh I've always wanted to try one of those raw revolution bars, your eats look delicious :) So great that you guys can go hiking every weekend, enjoy!

  2. Lemon flavoured almonds are delicious! I have never tried that brand, but sometimes I add a bit of lemon extract to a baggie with almonds :)

  3. Yum your lunch sounds good! May have that tomorrow ;)

  4. What a great ritual! I need one like that. And lemon almonds sound like they would ultimate in a spinach salad!

  5. Aaaaw,Ben & you are so cute together! :) I'm so glad you've found him,really. Good luck with moving and all!

  6. I totally understand your love of bars! I haven't tried that Raw Revolution...I better jump on that:) As always, everything looks delicious, especially the garden peas and tabbouleh! The hiking looks so fun, too- the view is gorgeous!

  7. I love grapes, too! Have you ever tried them frozen?? :D