Saturday, July 21, 2012

Enjoy Life

Not too long ago, the wonderfully amazing people over at Enjoy Life Foods contacted me about doing a review on their new product: Crunchy Cookies!

Of course I said yes, because who wouldn't want to eat cookies?!

Here's what I got: 

Double Chocolate 
Vanilla Honey Graham
Chocolate Chip
Sugar Crisp

I immediately broke into the vanilla honey grahams and was delighted by the amazing taste and there was just enough crunch but not too much which was wonderful! 

The best part about these cookies though (besides the taste obviously)? They are all gluten and casein free, vegan and they have no artificial flavors or ingredients!

They also only have 110 calories per two cookies, woot!!

I think the vanilla honey graham was my favorite but Ben really enjoyed the double chocolate!
He was hungry one day and all I had was these cookies so I put two of the chocolate ones in the microwave for about 20 seconds and wah-la! Perfectly warmed and melted chocolaty goodness! 

Now we all know Ben isn't the most healthy eater around, but he thought these were delicious! Tasted just like fresh baked cookies from the oven :)

Enjoy Life Foods carries tons of awesome products and they are one of my very favorite companies ever!
You can find most of their goods at the regular grocery stores, in many health food stores and you can also order online through their website!

Check them out, you'll be overwhelmed with wonderful-ness!!
(I was not compensated in any way for this review, these are my own thoughts and opinions, but I did received four free boxes of some pretty awesome cookies!)


  1. Those sound AMAZING! It's always hard for me to find treats that I can have, as many of them have milk in them (which I'm allergic to), so I end up making my own treats most of the time. But those look AMAZING! I would totally melt some chocolate chips onto on of the honey vanilla grahams and make a smore-like treat. (I've never really liked marshmallows, so I would just leave those out.) Thanks for the awesome review! :D

    1. So amazing! Making your own goodies is awesome! Oh your idea sounds great...I will have to try that :)