Monday, November 5, 2012

{surviving a fat day}

fat days. we've all had them. those days when we feel like a big whale and everything is horrible. you know what i'm talking about. it's been said again and again that "fat is not a feeling" but i beg to differ. it's totally a feeling. 

yesterday was a full out "fat day" for me and even though it sucked, i rocked it. it's funny to think back and remember what i used to do when i had these days. i only experience them once a month or so and i'm come to appreciate them. gasp, i know. 

so how do you actually rock a fat day? 

1. know it won't last. this is key. if you sit and dwell on how fat and disgusting you feel, then you'll never escape. you have to remember that feelings don't last and that by tomorrow you'll be feeling better. this is what i say to myself, "tay, you're having one of those days and it's'll be over tomorrow so just relax."

2. do something. something other than sitting around and watching tv because you feel sorry for yourself. get up and walk or do yoga or go to the gym. get outside and breathe. it'll get you thinking more positive thoughts and help you appreciate your surroundings.

3. wear comfortable clothes. sweatpants, long sleeves, shorts, etc. if you don't have to go anywhere, don't bother getting into your jeans that you know will just make things worse. put on your most comfortable clothes and be okay with it. 

4. take a shower. this always helps me. turn on the hot water and just stand under it until you feel better. once you're clean, it's amazing how much different you feel. 

5. eat real food. sometimes when i'm having these days, all i feel like doing is laying down and eating shitty food, but seriously don't do it. it won't help you at all. make it a point to eat real food...make a healthy meal and actually enjoy it or try a new recipe. good food makes all the difference. 

i hope you have good fat days! 

don't forget music, that will always make any day better<3

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