Monday, October 29, 2012


1. I found out that Jim Gaffigan will always make me laugh no matter how many times I watch his shows. Just kidding, I already knew this before. 

2. Prison Break will be the only show Ben and I watch for at least a month...gotta get through those eighty episodes of pure love. 

3. Frozen English muffins will never go out of style. 

4. The quickest I've ever gone through a peanut butter jar was four days. Guilty? No. 

5. "Lets Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson is the best thing that ever appeared in my life. Read it now people. 

6. Not hiking for a couple of months means you are out of shape and this calls for weird faces. Durr.  

7. New songs on repeat on my cracked-to-shit ipod. 

8. Yes, I will be making the three hour trip to Portland, ME this weekend for the opening of Red Mango frozen yogurt. No big deal. 

(p.s. while searching for this photo, I found a new blog!)

9. This sticker = Want Need

10. There are some things I will never learn, like leaving all my homework undone until the night it's due. At least I'll earn an A in procrastination. Go me. 

                                                      This is basically the definition of me. 

And I just had to throw this one in here because, come on people, there is something wrong with the world when Taylor Swift has all the top song spots on itunes. Give someone else a chance jeez. 

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